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Water Buffalo Price list

Prices are listed per pound and intended for bulk wholesale purchase only.  Prices are subject to change based on supply and availibility.  * Indicates an item is currently in stock.  Other items can be stocked upon request.

Water Buffalo

Why go for water buffalo? Water buffalo has long been an important part of the diets of people all over the world, and is now finally making it's way to the United States!


Water buffalo meat has an incredible nutritional value, especially when compared to competing meat sources we have been accustomed to, such as beef.


Water Buffalo Contains:

93% less Saturated fat

32% less cholesterol

55% fewer calories

9% more protein than beef


It has a taste & texture similar to beef, but with a more mild flavor and a slightly softer texture. In other words, it tastes great!


Additional cuts of water buffalo can be odered by special delivery.

Water Buffalo Stew Meat ............  Market

Water Buffalo Trim ......................  Market

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